The Dappy Story

Hello, mommies!  Jenny Chua here.  I’m a mom of 2 active boys and I’d like to share with you my journey to discovering our brand DAPPY.

It all started in the year 2008 when we had our first baby. We were in search of cheaper disposable diapers because we find it impractical to buy the expensive brands just to throw them away. So we ended with overrun-imported diapers as the alternative.

Along with disposable diapers, we also used cloth diapers (or the old-fashioned lampin) every now and then to help minimize the cost.

One day, I just realized and asked myself, “Where do all those used disposable diapers go? What happens to them after disposal?” Then, it started to concern me.

I found out through research that most disposable diapers do not decompose until at least 250 years—that’s way past the time of my children’s great grand children from the time I disposed it!

This realization gave birth to what is now known as the DAPPY brand. Instead of using ordinary cloth, our line of diapers uses bamboo fabric because of its inherent properties: softer & more absorbent, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. It’s also gives better ventilation to babies’ skin. Most importantly, it’s earth-friendly.

When we had our 2nd baby, we were able to use cloth diapers on him immediately. I can see that the feeling of freedom and comfort he had everyday for wearing cloth diapers was incomparable!

I know nothing beats the convenience of using disposable diapers but we can all start a difference through small things. Like using cloth diapers hand-in-hand with disposables. I know it’s a bit more tedious to wash than just throw disposable diapers to the bin, but hey, what are washing machines for anyway?

Now, DAPPY supports WWF and UNICEF programs that help ensure sustainable future for our environment and our babies, and give every less fortunate child a life, a chance and a choice. Every time you buy from DAPPY, P20 go to our monthly WWF and UNICEF donations. In this way, every customer contributes to our cause.

Mommies, let’s do our role in the preservation of our living planet and help improve the lives of others. Let’s do these for our children, our children’s children, and the many more babies that will come.


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