Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you issue an Official Receipt?

Yes, we are a registered business. 

Do you accommodate wholesalers?

Yes, we accept wholesalers and distributors. In fact, we encourage individuals who love organic or earth-friendly products to become advocates and resellers.

Simply email us at and we will send our wholesale price.

Do you accept returns?

Yes, we accept returns within 1 week provided that there is a valid reason for return, goods are not used and that they are still in its original packaging.

How many Bamboo Dappy and extra pads should I order?

If you want to use Bamboo Dappies all the way (which we highly suggest because of its advantages and for environment reasons), you should order 12 to 15 Bamboo Dappies and 6 sets of extra pads. This assumes you will change your baby a least 4 hours (except at night if you put more inserts) and wash every 2 days. You can add more as you continue to use these dappies.

My baby’s dappy leaks every now and then, what do I do?

All babies are different. Some wet more than others because their liquid intake varies. If your dappy gets easily full, we suggest you add more inserts, say 1 or 2 more especially during sleeping times.

What size do I need to buy?

Bamboo Dappy is a one-size fit all product. This can be used from infancy stage to toddler years. Check out our Sizing Guide album to know more.

Can I use Bamboo Dappy even if my baby is using diaper rash ointments?

Bamboo Dappy can be used when your baby has rash. In fact, its best to use cloth diapers at this time to make their bottoms breath and heal. However, diaper rash ointments affect the fabric’s absorbency. If you accidentally get diaper rash ointment on your dappy, don’t panic. Simply wash your dappy as instructed and then apply some dishwashing liquid to the affected area. Use a toothbrush or any soft brush to scrub the affected area. We just don’t guarantee that this will work all the time. But you can always try and it should not damage your dappy.

Will my Bamboo Dappy colors and print change if I wash them using hot water?

Its best to wash your Bamboo Dappy with cold water the first time you wash them to avoid changing of colors and prints.

Can I bleach my Bamboo Dappy and pads?

You can only bleach the PADS, not the Bamboo Dappy. But we discourage bleaching the pads, as well as the Bamboo Dappy, because it will affect the fibers eventually. It’s also bad for our environment. If you decide to bleach, make sure to only use a capful.

Can I use an ordinary or regular detergent for washing?

You can use your favorite detergent for when washing your Bamboo Dappy. Just don’t use pure soap and fabric softeners.

How hot is the water to be used to wash my Bamboo Dappy?

You can use hot water with 50-60 degrees Celcius.

How do I wash my Bamboo Dappy and its pads?

You should wash your Bamboo Dappy and pads after each use. Wash every 1 to 3 days. More than 3 days might cause bacteria in the dappies and pads. Remove the pad from the dappy and put all solids in the toilet bowl. Then store in a dry pail. Do not soak yet. Small stains or solids stuck into the diaper will dissolve during washing time. When washing, soak dappy into cold water without detergent for 10-15 minutes. Then hand wash or machine wash in hot or warm water with detergent. Rinse thoroughly. Tumble dry on low setting or hang to dry. Remember do not use fabric softener, pure soap or bleach. And don’t expose to high heat or direct sunlight.

Do I need to wash my Bamboo Dappy before using them?

Yes.  You need to wash your Bamboo Dappies and pads before using them to remove the oil from production.  Best if you can wash them more than once to make them very absorbent on first use. 

What is the size of this Bamboo Dappy?

Bamboo Dappy is a one-size fit all diaper.  It is adjustable so it will fit newborns and toddlers, or 3 kgs to 16 kgs, or up to 3.5 years old.


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