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I was able to try at least 5 brands of cloth diapers. I started with a few pieces of different brands, all of which were just gifts to Zayne. I tried 2 other brands. But among all the brands that I’ve tried, I was most satisfied with Bamboo Dappy.... [Read More]
Don’t get climate change? Watch an animation explaining the phenomenon as a 12-year-old would... [Read More]
Dappy introduces the Dappy Go Kit, which includes important and immediate items that a child might need in case of a disaster. Disaster picks no place or time to strike. It can happen when our kids are at school and while we are at work. Children are among the most vulnerable during times of disasters, so... [Read More]
It’s certainly great news that in recent years, moms have rediscovered the many merits of using cloth diapers. One brand in particular stands out and was recently given the Product Excellence and Quality Award by Q Asia, an award giving organization in the Philippines which recognizes brands with best product quality and service within the... [Read More]
High-quality products and services that help the environment or local communities, without necessarily burning a hole in your pocket. With sustainability now becoming a buzzword, local brands and social enterprises are stepping up to offer consumers more choices for high-quality products and services that help the environment and local communities without hurting your wallet.... [Read More]
I had not known the ins and outs of cloth diapering before I met The SoMoms, but I now, understand the premise behind it. Of course, all natural and organic is better for your child…but in this case cloth diapering is again, better for the environment as well.... [Read More]
“We seek out top-rated mom-approved and safe brands and products. The list of top products by review websites, shopping sites and mom-based award bodies are very helpful to us,” added Kathleen Lopez-Pajarillo... [Read More]
“We use different prints, but its the inside portion that matters because that’s what touches the baby’s skin.” she says. “That’s why I used bamboo as material of the cloth diaper.  It doesn’t need pesticide or fertilizer to grow.”... [Read More]
Meet Jenny Velasco-Chua, a mother of two who has taken significant steps to help protect the environment through reusable bamboo cloth diapers!... [Read More]
What makes this brand different is that Dappy diapers use bamboo fabric – more absorbent, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. Dappy has been supporting WWF programs and for every Dappy you buy, P10 go to WWF.... [Read More]
The Bamboo Dappy Diapers has arrived! I’m sooo excited! Thanks Bamboo dappy! I ordered these online (so convenient!) from Dappy Diapers.  ... [Read More]
I highly recommend Bamboo dappy. This particular brand had different buttons you can use, depending on the size of your baby which is a big help in adjusting the length and width. It also came with an organic cloth pad which is quite absorbent. It didn’t leak and didn’t stain.... [Read More]
I have always been curious about cloth diapering and have been wanting to try it on Ziggy. I know that it has a lot of benefits, not only to the baby but to the environment as well. However, we haven’t taken the plunge yet because of some concerns we have about it. Luckily, I was... [Read More]
Bamboo Dappy’s mission is to provide parents alternative solutions for their children’s daily needs that are more affordable yet world class in quality, safer for their children’s skin and use materials that are easily absorbed back in the environment. Simply put, their vision is to be “the preferred children’s brand by most parents in the... [Read More]
As we celebrate the spirit of giving, we give you fun and practical gift ideas for fellow moms and your in-laws. We all know what Christmas shopping entails–scouring bazaars, checking out endless stores, and looking for that perfect bargain. And of course, we always have to keep in mind those important people in our lives... [Read More]

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